Friday, March 28, 2014

21 Day Fix, Day 19: Burger Night and Sharing Shakeology

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, It simply means you have to work hard.


It was difficult. Every part of my body was hurting and I was completely out-of-breath. I know I’m in better shape than I was 19 days ago when I started this process, but this workout still kills me- but, its not impossible. Its 30 minutes of hard work and its worth it.

Today I had an extra challenge because my dog kept interrupting me. Usually I put her outside when I do my workouts, but its pouring rain so that wasn’t an option. When we did the side sashes (sorry dance term, like skippy things) into squats, my dog tried to participate too, thinking I was playing with her. Then when I laid on the floor to go frog crunches and closed my eyes, she kept licking my face to make sure I was still alive…Sweet puppy, but it made things interesting to say the least.


I took Anniston to storytime at the library this morning, so I actually split my breakfast into 2 meals. Before we headed out, I had some mini-wheats (yay cereal!)… I planned to have coffee too, but my half-and-half smelled awful and was starting to curdle, so I poured that spoiled junk down the drain. After the library, I got an iced coffee with a little bit of nonfat milk and 2 raw sugars from Starbucks. I can have 2 raw sugars a day, and usually 2 raw sugars are perfect for a grande or venti, but I ordered a tall, so 2 raw sugars made my drink sweeter than I’m used to. Still a-ok with my Fix plan, but its remarkable how 2 packs of raw sugar can taste so sweet when you have become accustomed to hardly any sweetener in your everyday diet. Anyways, I made a couple fried eggs when I got home to go with my coffee and finish my breakfast…even though that was like at 1pm.

Got Anniston down for a late nap and did my workout. Then had my shakeology late-afternoon. I added banana today- simple and delicious.

Super pumped about dinner. Burger night! I made Rachael Ray’s Southwest Turkey Burgers. Anything Rachael Ray makes is nothing short of amazing, and I was thrilled that I could make these still following my Fix plan. And burgers are perfect for a Friday night! Inside the burgers I put grated onion and garlic, diced jalapeno, poblano, and sweet red peppers, thyme, parsley, cumin, Tabasco, and pepper. I have found the best way to cook burgers is in a cast-iron skillet. Learned that tip from Bobby Flay when he was on Rachael Ray Show- yes better than the grill, which worked great tonight given the rain outside. Anyways, I topped the burgers with turkey bacon, sautéed mushrooms and onions, tomatoes, and reduced fat swiss cheese. We ate them without buns and had roasted butternut squash on the side (it was pretty close to sweet potato fries, but remember, sweet potatoes count as yellow, so butternut squash was the next best thing!). These were so amazing!


Anniston was begging me for my shake (shakeology) today, so I let her try some… She loved it! I’m telling you, shakeology is so awesome!

2 days left guys!!!


  1. Hi! Congratulations! I just ordered the 21 day fix and today was my first day. I find I am out of breath really fast and it is hard to keep my son out of the way. He is 9 months. Hopefully it will get easier as time goes on. I only lasted 15 minutes today but boy was I sweating. How are your results? Does it get easier as you continue?

    1. Hi Ashley! The first day is always the toughest- do the best you can. You can use the modifiers as much as you need to to get through the workout- don't give up in the middle! Day 1 was so hard for me that I threw up afterwards because I was so out of shape- hang in there- it doesn't get easier, but you get will get stronger and your stamina will develop- you've just gotta push through it!

      I lost 13 pounds in the first 3 weeks...since then, i have continued to lose weight- a total of 28 pounds now and have gone from a size 10 to a size 2. You can do it! Tip: hide your scale til the very end- don't let the scale define you during the process.

      Are you working with a coach or in a challenge group?

    2. just ordered the 21 day fix 4 days ago im 11 yrs old how many pounds on average do people lose the first round

    3. Average weight loss is 10lbs but it varies with each person. Its more about being healthy and taking care of yourself than the numbers on the scale- dont let that define you!