Saturday, March 29, 2014

21 Day Fix: Day 20, One More Day!

There is only one way to succeed at anything, and that is to give it everything.


Three weeks ago when I did this workout for the first time, I couldn’t lift my body up to a side plank. Today, I not only lifted up to side plank, but did leg raises with it, and held it for 30 seconds each side… This whole process over the past 20 days has been about progress. Each day I can recognize something that encourages me to see how far I’ve come in such little time!


Usual breakfast again: spinach, egg whites, ½ blue container feta, and ½ whole wheat English muffin… I just love that breakfast! I was talking to a girl today who had never tried feta cheese (I know!) so I told her about my breakfast- it’s a winner for sure!

Well, my shakeology is gone. We got a 30-day supply with the 21 Day Fix program, and Josh and I were able to share that for just about 20 days (so we got 40 servings out of a 30 serving bag). Beachbody enrolls you in monthly auto-ship for Shakeology when you buy a program, but I cancelled the auto-ship a few weeks ago because I wanted to switch my flavor to vanilla. Little did I know, I could have just called and changed my flavor instead of cancelling my auto-ship, running out, and subsequently having to place a new order (which I set-up on auto-ship for the future so I don’t run out. That’s the best way to go too because you cut your shipping costs from $14 to $2)… Anyways, I’m now anxiously waiting on my vanilla shakeology to arrive in the mail- I’m excited to try a different flavor… Hope it comes soon. It made me sad not having shakeology today.

To cheer me up from missing shakeology, I made a greek wrap like what I made the other night for dinner- I just used low sodium, low fat deli turkey instead of chicken- yummy yummy!

For dinner, we grilled out. Finally warm enough and feeling like Spring! We made grilled Cajun chicken and shrimp with grilled sweet peppers. I made homemade Cajun seasoning (because my prepackaged stuff is loaded with salt) for the chicken, and for the shrimp I made this marinade sauce I found on pinterest. I sautéed finely chopped onion, bell pepper, and garlic, then added 1 cup of tomato juice, a splash of lemon juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. I poured this over the raw shrimp and wrapped that in a little foil pouch and Josh cooked that on the grill. It was so good- loved the kick from the cayenne and the rich, bold flavor of the tomato.

For dessert, we had some fruit salad because I haven’t had any fruit today. It was perfect!


You could say that I see the world through color-coded containers now. I really haven’t had to use my awesome chart I made in week 1 at all this week because its just become second nature to me  I am conscious of my portions and what I’m putting into my body. I read ingredient labels at the grocery store like its my job, and have to admit that I have become one of those #cleaneating people lol.

One more day people! Look for both a Week 3 Review and a Results posting tomorrow!!!

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  1. There's a really good app for iPhone to keep track of your containers! Super easy to use, no counting, and it gives examples of each color in case you're without a book and wonder what it counts as! Just search for 21 day fix!