Thursday, March 27, 2014

21 Day Fix, Day 18: Pinterest Fail and Home Run

When you cheat, you only cheat yourself.

I probably had to remind myself of that at least a dozen times today. Today was my toughest day yet… There was this little voice inside me that kept saying “you’ve done enough… you can have butter on your English muffin…you can put international delight in your coffee…you can take a nap instead of working out…go ahead and throw in the towel and eat what you want”… But there is a bigger voice inside me shouting “NO. You’ve made it 18 days…You have 3 days left… Why give in now? Why cheat now? Do you want to prove you can do this 100% without cheating?”… And thankfully that voice silenced the temptations today, despite the volume of the temptations’ voice…


I had zero motivation today heading into this workout. Along with the conflicting voices in my head, I still am fighting whatever virus/cold crap I got sick with last week…I feel better, but not 100%...still dragging, dealing with sinus congestion, and I lost my voice 3 days ago and its yet to return. Anyways, as it always seems to happen, once I get into the workout I rediscover my sense of motivation and push through it. Today I once again held an elbow plank for 60 seconds and completed the 10 second plank hold intervals…I’m still really struggling with the plank side twists where you hold yourself in an elbow plank and twist and drop your hip to either side- I can only do a couple before falling, lol… always something more to work for.


Back to spinach, egg whites, and feta this morning. I only had half a whole wheat English muffin. Really wanted butter, but just ate the English muffin plain and spooned some of my egg whites onto it like an open-faced breakfast sandwich. While I usually eat a whole English muffin, peanut butter, honey, and banana as a breakfast accompaniment, I was saving it for my shakeology and snacks later today

For shakeology, I did chocolate banana. I like how adding the banana not only enriches the flavor of the shake, but also adds more substance. Granted I can only add half a banana to count as 1 purple serving.

For snack, I made this cookie dough greek yogurt I’ve been dying to try. I love cookie dough- I think I like the dough more than baked cookies themselves, so when I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I reorganized my daily meal plan to accommodate this treat (looks good in the picture, right?). I used plain, nonfat greek yogurt (1 red), 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon peanut butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 1 teaspoon chocolate chips (1 yellow substitute). Epic pinterest fail. I was so disappointed. I don’t know what kind of cookie dough the person who made this pin eats, but this tasted nothing like the cookie dough I make. I tasted like peanut butter sour cream with this awkward tang and gaggy sweetness. I scooped out the chocolate chips, dumped those in the trash, and gave the rest to my dog, who seemed to enjoy it much more than I did. Oh well, guess I have extra protein and a carb left for dinner…

Dinner turned into another scramble (today is just not my day). I totally forgot in my meal planning to account for Josh having church band practice tonight and not getting home until like 9 or 10. I don’t know why I forgot to account for this- its not like he doesn’t have band practice every single Thursday night. But anyways, I planned to make a big dinner for us, but he was just going to have shakeology for dinner, so I had to fend for myself. Because of the kind of day today was, my mind immediately went toward what I could go buy at a restaurant for dinner, but instead, I made a better choice and searched for Pinterest recipes. Yes, giving Pinterest another chance after it really left me down with the disgusting yogurt debacle earlier- I was hoping it would redeem itself. And it did!
I actually combined 2 Pinterest recipes to make a Greek chicken wrap. I poached some chicken and tossed that in homemade Greek dressing (Pinterest recipe 1: EVOO, red wine vinegar, oregano, basil, garlic and onion powder, and Dijon mustard). I spread the remaining orange container of Greek dressing on a whole wheat tortilla, then added the chicken. Next, I made what is called a Tabbouleh (Pinterest recipe 2). Basically I threw a bunch of vegetables into the food processor (tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, cucumber, zucchini) with some garlic cloves, parsley, and lime juice. It looked almost like a relish in the end. I spread that on top of the chicken and topped with a little feta cheese (I didn’t fill my blue container full of feta this morning with my eggs because I had reach the end of the cheese carton and didn’t want to open a new one this morning- but I surely opened a new one tonight and used up my remaining blue serving). Rolled it all up and I devoured it. It was sooooo good. Probably one of my favorite things I’ve had yet on 21 Day Fix. So, so good!


Well today was tough (until dinner), but whether it’s a good day or bad day, it’s a day to be thankful for—and another day closer to my goal! See you tomorrow… only 3 more days!

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