Monday, March 24, 2014

21 Day Fix: Week 2 Review

Wow! We are already two-thirds the way done! I can’t believe we are headed into the final week already!


  1. Dresses- I bought some new Spring dresses a few weeks before ordering 21-Day Fix. At that time, I was in between a medium and large, but went with the medium. I wore two of those dresses this weekend and they were super loose- wow!
  2. Mindset- I am encouraged that my mindset is beginning to change from “will I workout today?” (to which I used to respond NO), to “what workout is on today’s schedule”… This program has truly helped me make new healthy habits and change my life, one day at a time.
  3. Shakeology- A friend asked me the other day if I plan to continue shakeology after this. My answer was definitely! Its perfect for my lunch- quick, easy, and takes the guess work out of it. Plus, I feel so much better drinking shakeology than eating pizza rolls.

  1. Digestion- This is been sort of out of whack being on the program. I’m told this is normal because your body is adjusting to eating real food versus processed ingredients. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.
  2. Sweating- The workouts are still tough and my level of sweat increases daily. I hope it’s proportional to the amount of calories burning.

  1. Physical and Spiritual Challenge: One thing I noticed this week is how refreshing it is top exercise. Not that I’m not dying during the workouts, but I realized that during those 30 minutes, I’m solely focused on what I’m doing. I’m not focused on everything else I have to do, I’m not worried about the stressors of life, rather I’m 100% keen in on accomplishing the given exercise.
As I was thinking about that, I was really challenged to focus on my relationship with Jesus in the same way. I need to daily have quiet time with him that removes all my distractions. Just like in my workout, I need to be solely focused on Him and nothing else. If I can be so refreshed mentally from a workout, how much more mentally and spiritually refreshed can I be by setting my mind and heart on the Lord in this way.

All in all, a great week in the books! Ready to face Week 3!

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