Thursday, March 6, 2014

21-Day Fix- Intro

Cookies. Always. Win.

I love cookies…well, I really love all food in general. Sometimes I get motivated to eat healthier but then, food happens. So month upon month, I argue with myself- do I want to get in better shape or do I want to eat the food I want to eat? Up to this point, the latter has won the battle…but will it win the war?

As if the facebook gods are trying to tell me something, my newsfeed has been filled everyday with friends who are also beachbody coaches sharing “clean eating” recipes, posting pictures of shakeology drinks, and advertising information on new fitness programs. One of their posts really caught my attention- a new program called 21 Day Fix.

Basically, this 3-week program is designed to simplify losing weight and staying healthy.  It comes with 7-colored food storage containers. Each color represents a food group (green = vegetables, purple = fruits, yellow = grains, etc). An easy-to-follow guide tells you how many of each color container you can fill and eat during the day. Along with eating the contents of your pretty, rainbow tupperware, you drink 1 shakeology shake a day, and you do the accompanied 30-minute workout.

After much battling in my head (cookies win, remember), I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and order the program. While I’ve tried eating healthier and exercising on my own, (I even ordered p90x a few years ago), I usually give in to a craving and give up on the program within a matter of days. But the way this program is designed appealed to me for several reasons:

  1. 21 days. In my mind, this seems MUCH more do-able than 90, or even 30 days. I can handle 3 weeks. It’s a foreseeable goal.
  2. 30-minute workouts. I can exercise during Anniston’s nap, and still have an hour or so left to myself to clean my house or catch up on my quality DVR-ed shows (like Dance Moms).
  3. Color-coordinated food containers. Right up my alley. I color-coordinate everything.
  4. Shakeology comes in chocolate flavor. And chocolate is essential to life (no really it is- it contains magnesium, which is vital to your blood, which pumps to your heart, which keeps you alive)

Of course there are things that make me nervous about doing this challenge, but we’ll get to those next time… I will try to keep my blog updated often throughout the 21-day program, so feel free to follow my journey!

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