Friday, March 7, 2014

21-Day Fix: What Am I Getting Myself Into?

So, my 21-Day Fix arrived in the mail (eeek!)… I’m both nervous and excited about this. I was anxious to open the box and learn more about everything that my 3-week journey will entail*

Here are my initial reactions from unpacking the box and reading the plan guide:

  1. This program is super organized and easy to understand. There are charts for everything (I love charts) and everything is clearly outlined and explained.
  2. You can have wine! Sure, you have to substitute/sacrifice a grain category for it, and you can only have it 3x a week, but I rarely drink wine more than that anyway, so that’s a win, win.
  3. Chocolate! Well chocolate shakeology, so close enough. And it came with all sorts of recipe combinations for it. I’m really looking forward to trying it.
  4. The girl on the cover is really hot. So there’s that.
  5. You can get a free t-shirt if you finish the program and submit before and after pictures. That’s motivation right there.

  1. I can’t have coffee creamer. I knew this was coming, because, lets face it, coffee creamer is all artificial crap. I had been planning in my head to forgo the International Delight during the 21-Day Fix and replace half-and-half instead. Wrong. Half-and-half is a no no- even fat free half and half! I might die. Not really, but this is going to be really tough to say the least.
  2. A suggested snack in the meal plan was “hummus on a lettuce leaf”. Not joking. I actually laughed out loud when I read that. I just can’t even…

  1. The color-coordinated food storage containers are much smaller than they look in the pictures online. So this was originally in the “bad” category. But then, after I read the meal plan, I saw that based on your weight and calorie needs, you get to fill/eat most of them more than once per day, so that makes it good. However, my husband (who I’m roping in to doing this with me) gets to eat more calories/containers per day than I do, so that made me want to put it back under “bad”. So, given all that, its neutral  
  2. I expected more than what was provided when I read (prior to ordering) that the program comes with a meal plan and recipes. I was thinking it would give me a complete breakfast/lunch/dinner plan for every day with new, innovative recipes. Rather, it gives you suggestions like “baked chicken with all-purpose seasoning” or a “recipe” (read: directions) for making hard-boiled eggs. So, it looks like I will have to do a lot more planning on my own to create meals that fit the colors/categories. Still though, there are some legit salad dressing recipes and ideas for fruit infused waters, which I can appreciate.
  3. Lots of prep work. In addition to planning meals, I’m going to have to shop more frequently for fresh produce and spend time chopping and measuring containers for me to eat during the day and Josh to eat while at work. For instance, some containers will be filled 4x per day, per person, so I need to measure and sort into Ziplocs or something. This isn’t bad, just a fact of the matter. I’m thinking I will do this Sunday before each week starts. And its only 3 Sundays of this prep time, so I can handle it.

  1. I’ve always believed in the notion “everything in moderation”. But, to be honest, I use that mantra as crutch for eating whatever I want. After seeing what portion sizes are supposed to be (from these containers), I learned I have a very skewed concept of what is “moderation.”
  2. I’m nervous about the workouts. I used to be in amazing shape back in my competitive baton twirling days. But 5 years after my “retirement”, I get out of breath dancing with Anniston to Mickey Mouse’s Hot Dog Dance- sad, but true. So I’m worried how hard these workouts will kick my butt. And there are no days off- an intense workout every day. I feel like its going to be a great challenge for me to commit to and survive 21 straight days of rigorous exercise, but I’m remaining positive, hoping my body will adjust throughout the program.  
  3.  I will have to avoid watching all Food Network and Rachael Ray Show programming, for obvious reasons. 

So, the plan is to start to 21-Day Fix this coming Monday. In the meantime, I’ve gotta use up my remaining hazelnut coffee creamer, order a pizza, and whip up a batch of oreo balls

*You can learn more about the 21-day fix program and why I’m doing it here


  1. What did you do about coffee? This part is the worst for me

    1. I ended up doing 1 tbsp organic half and half because it was the cleanest option (look for just organic cream and organic milk as the ingredients), plus 1 tsp raw sugar (sugar in the raw). Worked great for me!

    2. and what did you count it as?

    3. I didn't count the half and half as anything bc it seemed so negligible, but I did make sure to keep my sugar under the 2tsp daily limit